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Good morning, good afternoon or good night depending on which part of the continent you are. You are formally and informally welcomed to this new episode of DUK.

So what do we have for you today? Well as the title entails, what if we checked on the side of educational writers?

Many of us when we read novels, we do not forget their titles and authors so far as they are in the non-educational series. I said many of us, not all if us. Don’t get me wrong.  We are full of passion for fantasies stories but when it concerns our own school we tend to… how can I put it? We tend to “let go”.

In our educational system, we still have the opportunity to read our native writers, yet we do not have the zeal to retain these local stories nor their authors.

Who do I call African Educational Writers? These are African authors who in a general sense write books which are used in the educational program of a certain class of students. These authors could be scientific authors or even literature authors, they all put a strong hand in educating us.

Who is my target today? My target for today is the Cameroonian novelist “Njimele George”.

He was born in the North West region of Cameroon, precisely in Awing in the year 1973. He is a well-known children’s writer in Cameroon and President/CEO/Founder of Peacock group created in 2005.

He has written many books which are today used in the Cameroonian educational system. His books go to the arts category as they are exclusively used in literature in our secondary, primary and nursery schools.

He’s received publication authorisation as a renowned children’s educational writer by the Ministries of Basic and Secondary Education.


Some of the boojs he wrote are ;

– The Broken Calabash

– The Slave Boys

– The Princess of Bamba

– Poverty is crazy

– House of peace

– Jungle Adventures

– King Shaba

– Madmen and Traitors…



“Undeserved suffering” is a novel which is used in form three as a drama book. It narrates the story of three generations of an uneducated moslem family struggling for survival in a orecatious shoe trade in Bemba. It is a satire on conservative ideas and religious hypocrisy.

“Madmen and Traitors” is a novel used in form two in literature, still as a drama book. It narrates the story of two slave dealers, Palmer and Goodenough who visit the Bako tribe under the pretext of searching labour for their plantation.


Njimele George is one of the numerous African writers which through their own means, teach and permit a better open set of mine to our fellow youngsters.

We’ve come to the end of our first AEW travel aboard l’AE in company of our DUK hostess. Our first land being Njimele George, we wish to see you for our next travel.

While waiting for your appreciations and depreciations, we kindly remain Africanly Yours,



People often say:

“Exam in not the true test for knowledge.”

What then is the true test for knowledge?



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